Now you can purchase the same premium seafood served at the best restaurants to prepare at home. Flagship’s principal & executive chef, Rachel Collins, has spent over 30 years in the seafood industry and brings her rich background to your new favorite local fish market.

Ethical Sourcing

Flagship is working with the finest seafood suppliers in the Midwest and beyond. We also support independent fishermen and fisheries when we can, which is the fishy version of ‘Farm to Table’. We always like to see more of what we pay go directly to those families.

Versatile Selection

We bring in not only classic local freshwater species, but more exotic fish from further afield. With today’s transportation methods in the seafood industry, something from the Tahitian fisheries of the South Pacific can be available to you, right here at Flagship, in the space of 48 hours or less.

New England
Clam Bake

Taste the tradition of a classic New England Style Clambake right here in Harbor Country! Your delicious kit includes lobsters, steamer clams, mussels, potatoes, fresh corn on the cob and our house made garlic-parsley butter. We package everything you need for the ultimate party in a handsome boiling pot along with cooking instructions so you can enjoy that authentic flavor. Cost range: $74-$110 (depending on selected options). Reserve your Flagship Clambake kit today! (10-day lead time recommended. Minimum order is for 4 persons.)

Fresh vs. Frozen

There are some fish and seafood products which should be frozen upon catching, and remain so until ready for use. We are happy to answer your questions on that at the shop. The quality, integrity, flavor and texture of some products is far superior when properly frozen, opposed to trying to prolong a chilled/fresh state over too long of a period of time, At Flagship, we strive to bring you seafood at its prime, and sometimes that does indeed mean it will be frozen.

Catch of the Day

Depending on the season and availability, here are a few things you may expect to find at Flagship Specialty Foods and Fish Market:
• Cut-to-order fish
• Naturally smoked salmon and sturgeon
• Seasonal seafood salads
• Homemade fish cakes and cocktail sauces
• Perfectly paired side dishes
• Special orders—just ask!


Flagship has launched its Fish Buyer’s Club and it’s been a smashing success! Members enjoy discount pricing, a bi-weekly notice of “what’s on deck”, and a chance to place an early bird order for premium quality fish and seafood conveniently delivered to Flagship, your favorite local market. Membership is FREE!

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